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To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Lender Agreement:

1.) Lender agrees to provide Coffee Lab & Roasters Evanston with information about the artist(s) and the work(s) that can be used for interpretive signs or labels. This includes a title, medium, year, and description (optional) for each piece. The artist bio should be limited to no longer than 200 words. 


2.) Lender understands that Coffee Lab & Roasters Evanston will display the loaned item(s) in its facilities, in areas that are open to the public, and that patrons of the coffee shop will be able to view and may have access to the loaned item(s).


3.) Lender agrees that neither Coffee Lab & Roasters Evanston nor their employees and volunteers, will have any liability to the Lender or the Lender’s administrators for any damages arising from this agreement. Lender agrees that if a loaned item is damaged, harmed, lost, or destroyed, Lender will not hold Coffee Lab & Roasters Evanston responsible or liable for any such damage or loss. Coffee Lab agrees to remove the loaned item(s) from the display on the business day following the last day of the exhibition, at the latest, unless Lender and Coffee Lab have agreed to an extension of the exhibition period. Lender agrees to make arrangements for the return of the loaned item(s) within five business days after the last day of the exhibition. Lender is responsible for all shipping and freight costs to return the loaned item(s) to Lender.


4.) The objects on loan may be used by Coffee Lab for promotional or educational purposes, including but not limited to: the promoting artists on website, social media accounts, newsletter(s), posters, calendars, and other publications.


 5.) If accepted, you must send a high-quality headshot and artist bio. Additionally, we ask that you post at least 1 announcement on your social media profiles and other communication channels about your work being displayed at Coffee Lab Evanston.

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