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Pancit is a traditional Filipino dish that can be traced back hundreds of years. Literally translating to "Convenient Food," pancit is a warm, inviting mix of garlic and vegetables, generally stir fried with different varieties of either rice noodles (pancit bihon), mung bean glass vermicelli (pansit sotanghon), or wheat noodles (pancit canton). 

Pancit is a dish that every Filipino can call home. Pancit's iconic garlic and peppery smell brings back memories of family dinners and birthdays. In collaboration with Pinoy Grill of Arlington Heights, Pansitan wants to bring you back home. Every Sunday, our team comes together to cook authentic Philippine cuisine and spread the love one order at a time. 

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Our prix fixe menu varies every week and is limited to the first 25 orders


We'll Be Back

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