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On Exhibit at Coffee Lab Evanston from March 7th, 2021 to April 4th, 2021

My name is Jessica Malatia, and I am a visual artist living in Evanston. I make charcoal drawings and acryl gouache paintings. While I used to be an avid oil painter, I started painting with arcyl gouache in April and have been hooked on its vibrancy and flat texture ever since. My recent paintings have been centered around food, which has a powerful way of evoking memories and feelings of nostalgia.

I've been making and creating for as long as I can remember. My family nurtured my creative spirit as a kid, and I tried everything from balloon animal making to sculpting miniature cakes from Play-Doh. I reference that childhood spirit in my art frequently, through anything from painting Kid Cuisines to drawing troll dolls. I pride myself on making work that is sincere; I want the genuine interest and care I have for my subjects (however lighthearted they may be!) to shine through. Nostalgia, food, and vintage toys bring me joy, and I try to commemorate that joy in my art.

I graduated from Loyola University Chicago, where I studied psychology, drawing, and painting. My work has been shown at Woman Made Gallery, Ralph Arnold Gallery, and Columbia College Chicago Library, Most recently, I showed my work at Evanston Art Center for their Winter Arts & Crafts Expo.

Artist Contact Information Email: Instagram: @paintedtravels Website: Etsy:


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