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Shellie Argeanton is a fine artist, web designer and montessori-loving-momma living in North Evanston. She recently tried our Ube Latte and is totally hooked. It's purple for goodness sake. ;) Shellie is the type of person that typically has a smile on her face (under her mask!), is ready to help a neighbor and will most certainly talk to you on the street even if you don't know her. It could be all those years growing up in Kentucky and Ohio.

Shellie's stylistic floral and figurative pieces have a connective thread of purposeful bold mark-making and diary-style personal reflection. The last few years she has made some intentional pieces in response to political turmoil, racial injustice and chaos in the US. You will see this as a common thread in her work - if something really touches her heart, she will likely make art about it. Make sure to see her "Justice for George Floyd" piece and recent portrait of the youngest poet laureate Amanda Gorman, who surprised everyone with her poem "The Hill We Climb" at the 2021 Inauguration. In 2019, she made many grieving portraits of the victims of the El Paso, TX shootings. Shellie's advice to you is to use your special powers to share your voice. Every small act of kindness and love makes the world a better place. Little by little you can make an impact and inspire others to do the same.

Shellie also loves to do personal portraits, floral art commissions and anything you might have in mind - get in touch if you have an idea to share! She has turned some of her drawings into greeting cards, journal covers, calendars and clothing. Her tools of choice are the iPad Pro, Procreate App and Apple Pencil - very convenient while raising kids! She also creates physical work in her home studio with magazine clippings, inks and acrylics. Often a piece will start out in a physical form and then more layers and texture will be added digitally resulting in a fine art print.

Making art has been restorative and calming throughout Shellie's life — a form of self-care, inner peace and emotional reflection. It has been a bright light during this long pandemic. She hopes you will bring something into your home that brings you joy as well....including that delicious Ube Latte. ;)

Instagram Handle: @shellieargeantonart


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