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Updated: Aug 31, 2020

By Mark Simeon

Coffee Lab Evanston’s owner Daniel Aquino is staying cautious and prioritizing the health of both the public and Coffee Lab employees as the COVID-19 Pandemic continues. In the decision to keep indoor seating restricted, Coffee Lab’s once crowded seating area, usually filled with families enjoying quality time, students studying for their next exam, and residents enjoying a quality cup of coffee, will remain empty until further notice. However, the space will not be put to waste. Coffee Lab’s large seating area will now be used to host the work from several artists in the Evanston and Chicago Area.

The idea stems from Coffee Lab’s value in community, inclusivity, and self-expression. Owner Daniel Aquino stated that “Coffee Lab Evanston has always strived to be a community hub. We understand that it has been an incredibly difficult time for all of us during the coronavirus pandemic, and especially hard for artists. I believe that giving artists opportunities to share their work, and giving people a reason to leave their houses is a simple way to bring the community together.” He hopes that when people drop in for a cup of coffee and a scone, they can take a quick stroll around the gallery as they wait for their beverage.

Currently, the gallery consists of local artists that live within the Noyes street neighborhood and an artist from Chicago. Coffee Lab Evanston plans to give new opportunities to artists and rotate different art every month. While Coffee Lab was once a place to interact with great people, it has now become a place to interact with great art while sipping amazing lattes.

As the gallery expands and evolves, Coffee Lab Evanston is open to taking more and more inquiries from artists. An application form can be found on their website at and all inquiries should be directed to

About the Author:

Mark Simeon

Northwestern University School of Communication Alumnus MSLCE '20

Fordham University Alumnus BS in Business Administration '19

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