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By Kaley Winegarner | Specialty Coffee Barista, Social Media Manager at Coffee Lab evanston

April showers bring May flowers and new drinks!

The days are getting longer and the temperature is getting warmer. After a long winter filled with many ups and downs, things are starting to look brighter! The vaccine rollout is around the corner, and the end of COVID is in sight! We are forever grateful and appreciative of the love and support the community has given us through these trying times!

With the arrival of spring, so is the arrival of our spring menu! If you haven’t already had the chance to try our new spring menu filled with a variety of brighter and warmer flavors, you truly are missing out!

From honey mango to a cinnamon roll, you are bound to find a flavor that suits your tastes buds. Our very own staff has carefully crafted each of the drinks on our menu to guarantee quality and flavor.

Starting off with the crowd favorite is the lavender latte! This drink can come as is or you also have the option to add vanilla, honey, or raspberry! This drink also pairs beautifully with oat milk!

Next is the cinnamon roll latte, created by our very own, Allen Bower! This drink hasn’t been around our store for very long, but has quickly gained a wide fan base. With cinnamon infused with maple and a touch of our secret ingredient, this latte tastes and smells like the real deal!

Looking for something a little more adventurous? Our honey mango latte has made its return! This spring drink is a favorite among our regulars, and for a good reason! It is an uncommon flavor pairing that really works in the best way! Don’t believe us? Try it yourself and get ready to be mistaken!

Not a big coffee drinker? No need to worry. The spring menu also has a variety of different fruit flavored lemonades and all of the caffeinated drinks can be decaf upon request!

Stop by as you enjoy the great outdoors. We look forward to seeing you all during these warmer and brighter days!

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