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After what has felt like an eternity, one of Evanston’s most beloved restaurants is making it’s great return. Originally set for February 15th, It appears they have moved their anticipated re-opening to March. Tomate Fresh Kitchen, known locally as “Tomate”, has been one of the, if not the most popular restaurant amount Northwestern students and Evanston residents. Offering authentic cuisine, fast service, and a caring and sociable staff, Tomate has really left their mark on the community.

When news spread across Evanston that Tomate was temporarily closing their doors with an uncertain date of reopening, it was devastating to both our hearts and our stomachs. Throughout the pandemic, Tomate has been able to provide a sense of normalcy with their quality food and consistently superior service. The closure was tough news to hear, but we knew that it was a long thought out choice to ensure the safety of both the staff as well as the community.

“It was really tough news for everyone to hear. If you live on north campus, you eat Tomate at least once every two weeks. If you live on Noyes, you eat it at least once a week.”- Leo Saintani (Coffee Lab Employee/ Northwestern Student)

“Tomate was part of my regular weekly routine. The closure has definitely affected my meal plan”- Emma Bartz (Northwestern Student/ Noyes Resident)

“I was really happy when I heard that they were planning on reopening soon. I probably ate Tomate once a week. If I was having a rough week I would go twice a week”- Joanna Yu (Northwestern Student/ Avid Tomate Lover)

Over the years, Tomate has been more than a restaurant to their customers. It has been a sense of comfort when having a bad day or a reward for acing a test or having a great day at work.

The Evanston community, especially Noyes Street, was ecstatic when the planned reopening was announced for early March. We were excited to get to eat at our favorite restaurant, but more importantly we were glad to hear that the Tomate staff was healthy and doing well. We anticipated the day that we could again eat their delicious food and see their shining faces smiling at us from behind their window.

If you have never had the wonderful opportunity to try Tomate’s selection, you are truly missing out. Offering a variety of authentic “create your own” Latin dishes while using locally sourced fresh ingredients, you are sure to indulge in something beyond suitable for your tastebuds. If you have dietary restrictions, fret not, Tomate offers a variety of vegan and vegetarian options.

Make sure to show your support to Tomate Fresh Kitchen as they make their great return early March. It is the least we can do for their years of exceptional service.



Kaley Winegarner

Alumnus - Northwestern University

Floor Supervisor & Blogger at Coffee Lab Evanston

Digital Marketing Specialist at Ignitus Digita


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