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As the summer comes to an end and sweater weather creeps in, we must look back and acknowledge all that we have endured. If anything, Corona virus has made it known all that we have taken for granted.

This fall I’d like to challenge you to take a step back and take in all of the good as it comes. As I sit here sipping on a maple latte, (oat milk of course), I can’t help but wonder if I have cherished it enough, or if I have carelessly gulped it down without taking the time to appreciate it. Just like lattes, I have let too many moments pass me by while I go through the motions, only to let the simple pleasures in life come and go like the fallen leaves being swept away by winter’s wind.

I think this past year, unlike before, has shown us to truly appreciate the gift of simple things like fallen leaves, indoor seating, ceramic mugs,and the aroma of cider and sweet maple.

This year let’s promise to savor it.

For the students beginning to return to campus, we want you to know that we have missed you and welcome back! We know that this is going to be an interesting time of uncertainty, but one thing that is always certain is our love of serving you all. We hope to be a calming presence, a place that makes you feel at home.

Fall means apple cider donuts!


Kaley Winegarner

Alumni at Northwestern University

Floor Supervisor at Coffee Lab Evanston

Digital Marketing Specialist at Ignitus Digital

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