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Welcome back, Wildcats!

Photo Credits: Mark Simeon, Alumnus, Northwestern University

It has been a moment since we last served you, and we are so excited to see your familiar faces yet again. For those new to campus, or just new to us, we are looking forward to meeting you! We cannot even begin to imagine the emotions you must be feeling in a time where the future seems so uncertain, but one thing we do know is that we want to be a place for you to stop and take a breath, even if it is for a brief moment. We want to be the place where you feel comfortable, because our staff truly cares about you. We want you to feel free to talk about your exciting (or even boring) day ahead, or those little inconveniences in life you experienced on the way here. We want you to have a judgment free zone, a place that feels like a home away from home.

Photo Credits: DJ Delara, Student at DePaul

Even before I started working at Coffee Lab, it was my second home. I unfortunately didn’t stumble into Coffee Lab until my sophomore year as a wildcat, but I remember that once I did, I just couldn’t stay away. I would find every excuse to just come and sit down, whether it was doing work, inviting friends, or staring at a book I swore I’d read but would never progress more than five pages at a time. I just felt a sense of warmth and comfort surrounded by friendly faces that slowly became familiar faces. I hope that Coffee Lab can be that for you as well.

We understand with indoor seating temporarily not being an option, it can be more difficult. We would still love to get familiar with you all, whether that means learning your everyday orders or striking up a conversation to get to know you. Trust us, we miss seeing you all packed in here too. As soon as we feel like it is a safe option for all of us, we will get you back in here.

Work hard this year! (We look forward to caffeinating you!)


Kaley Winegarner

Alumnus, Northwestern University

Barista at Coffee Lab Evanston

Blogger & Marketing Specialist at Ignitus Digital Evanston


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